Maynooth Furniture

Udemy and UX Design Course with Adobe XD Course



Maynooth Furniture is a new business selling affordable high-end design furnitures made in Ireland.



To build an e-commerce website for people to browse & purchase furniture for home delivery.


Target Audience

Persona – Katherine


I started by reviewing the brief and persona for the client: Maynooth Furniture. Using the skills covered in the course, I began thinking about the layout and wireframing the homepage using the features listed in the brief.



Designing a furniture e-commerce website was a little challenging in the beginning. I had to design and think of the sections needed (new in store, inspiration, clearance, and similar items) as well as the categories needed (living room, bedroom, kitchen & dinning, and contact us). As a personal project, I had to review all the wireframes and design online with the other student, getting feedback and re-adjusting where needed in the design.




I began by researching other online furniture stores to get inspiration of layout and design. This also helped me map the pages by product categories and sections.



With help from the Adobe XD Kit 2017 wireframes, I began to layout the website based on the projects initial requirements (Home page, Category page, Product page, and Contact Us page). As the design process kicked off, the wireframes were modified until a final version was appropriate to develop into a High Fidelity mock up.


The user flowchart is based on the persona and required project pages:

Katherine visits the Maynooth website, she navigates to the Living Room section, finds a sofa she likes but it's not available in the colour she wants. She decides to contact the company to inquire when it will become available again.


High Fidelity Design

Through the use of a flowchart, the wireframe design was finalized and photos from were inputed for the High Fidelity mock up.




The prototype was created using the Adobe XD app.



As my first UX Design project, there was a lot to learn – from the software (Adobe XD and InVision) to research based on a persona (Katherine), to designing with though backed by facts and logic. This project wasn't a fully designed website, instead there was a focus on several main pages which kept the project manageable. Moving on, there are many ideas I would love to implement, and some design aspect I'd like to further test, develop and change. In my free time I will continue to work on this project by building the missing pages (Account/Login page, Checkout page), and design a mobile version.